Frequently Asked Questions


Is it important to you that the home is near family and friends? What are the surroundings like? Do you need to be near public transport?


Can the home offer suitable care for your needs? Can any special needs be met? Including during the night? If you require more care in the future, will the home be able to provide this? If practicable, can your own doctor visit? Does a local doctor visit? Are there visiting dentists and opticians? Are speech therapy, chiropody, physiotherapy and occupational therapy available? Is there a charge? Is there an emergency call system in all rooms? Is it easy to operate? Does the home specialise in providing care for any of the following: Terminal care? Dementia? Physical disability?


Is the home comfortable, clean and inviting? Is there a fresh, clean smell? Is it suitable for a wheelchair user? Are there passenger and/or chair lifts? Can you look at the room you may be offered? When you have been admitted are you likely to have to change rooms? Can you change rooms if you wish? Are the rooms bright, cheerful, clean and warm? Can you bring your own possessions and furniture? Do bedrooms have TV and telephone points? If not can you make and receive calls in private? Are en suite facilities available? Are all toilet and washing facilities clean and easily accessible? Is there equipment such as grab-rails and bath hoists? Are pets allowed? Can visitors bring pets into the home? Is there a separate sitting room and dining room? Is there a quiet lounge without television? A private room to take visitors? Are there gardens in which you can sit? Can valuables be stored safely, with itemised receipts given? Does the home’s insurance policy cover loss or damage to your possessions, or should you arrange your own cover? What are the arrangements for smokers? Is there a bar or can you bring alcohol into the home? Can you choose when to get up in the morning, and when to go to bed? What are the fire regulations? Are there regular fire drills? What security arrangements are there? Food What is the food like? Can you see some menus? Are meal times flexible? What special diets can be catered for? Can meals be served in your room? Is this done for any other residents? Are there facilities for you to make yourself a light snack, or a hot drink? Facilities Are visitors welcome at any time? Can they stay for meals? Can they stay overnight? Is there a personal laundry service? What arrangements are made for residents to attend religious services either in the home or outside? Is there a minibus or other transport? How often are social activities, outings and entertainments arranged? Staff Do there appear to be enough staff on duty? Are the staff friendly, polite and caring? Do they knock on doors before entering? Finance Who owns the home? Is it part of a group? Is there a written contract? (If not, confirm all arrangements in writing before entering the home, and keep a copy of your letter). Are fees paid in advance? What extras will you have to pay for? What fees do you have to pay if you are in hospital or on holiday? What notice is needed if you leave the home? What are the financial arrangements in the case of death? How often are fees increased, and by how much? Have Social Services agreed funding or can you afford the fees, now and for the future? If you are paying your own fees have you thought about getting independent financial advice? General Do you think that you could feel at home and get on with the other residents? Are there residents’ meetings? How often? Can you have a trial stay? What is the complaints procedure? Are all residents given a copy? Is there a waiting list?